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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quick Bedbug Trap, The Williams Method


  1. in your co2 bed bug trap.do you need toi keep it warm to work

  2. rom time to time we get contacted to work with a bed bug situation. We always turn them down. I got contacted this morning by a woman who said that her home was fully treated by Orkin but she still wants every item in her home cleaned to the tune of at least 500 pounds of laundry.

    I told her to first try to find a company that has handled bed bugs in the past and if she cannot find a company, call me back.

    For those of you who accept such clients, do you use your own truck or do you rent a truck to pick up the laundry? If we were to take this on, I would rent a truck and would take the laundry directly to a Laundromat and immediately get started.

    What precautions do you use?