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Friday, October 26, 2012

The "Missouri Method" of Bedbug Control

The “Missouri Method”
December 16, 2012
Joel Z. Williams

Bedbugs will soon develop a total resistance to the primary pesticide currently being used by modern pest control operators (PCOs) all over the world. These families of toxins are called Pyrethroids and PCOs spray them everyday all over the world as their primary frontline chemical to eradicate bedbugs. Ironically, Pyrethroids are extracted from the petals of the common garden flower known as chrysanthemums. How weird is it that mums can kills bedbugs? The problem is that bedbugs have gradually begun building a tolerance to Pyrethroids. I call this dilemma the “Williams Peak” P=Bd-R/T(E) Q². That is the day that I predict all bedbugs will no longer be vulnerable to any Pyrethroid-based pesticide. According the Entomological Society of America (ESA), some bedbugs in Virginia are already showing signs of complete resistance. However, according to my calculations the “Williams Peak” is still 3 years, 9 months and 28 days from today.

What in the world are we going to do once we hit the “Williams Peak”?

The “Missouri Method” of bedbug control is a safe, non-toxic way to use ordinary household items to create a long-lasting bedbug lure and trap combination. By using these instructions, in conjunction with watching the associated YouTube videos, an average person can build an inexpensive trap which utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) to lure bedbugs into a pitfall from which they cannot escape. Here is a list of the components and tools required to build a trap which conforms with the “Missouri Method”.
   Packets of Dry, Active Yeast
  Granulated Sugar
  Empty 2-liter soda bottle
 Small measuring cup
  Plastic trash bag
  Pair of scissors
Talcum powder, or Diatomaceous Earth
 Piece of cloth fabric, or paper towel
 Porcelain bowl, or suitable substitute
 Rubber band or string.

How the “Missouri Method” works.

Bedbugs have two weaknesses which are easy to exploit. They are a blood obligate insect, which means they require a blood meal in order to progress to their next molt (one of six stages of growth wherein they shed their exoskeleton and grow a new, larger one.) Unlike cockroaches, or other similar insects, bedbugs can’t “make due” and feed on other substances when their primary food sources are unavailable.  That means that they are always on the prowl for a host to provide them with a blood meal.

Another critical chink in the bedbug’s armor is that they are essentially blind. Bedbugs compensate for that lack of vision by relying heavily on their exceptional ability to sense even the smallest presence of a variety of chemicals diffused in the air near them. One such chemical smell that bedbugs are particularly sensitive to is carbon-dioxide (CO2). Bedbug sensitivity to CO2 actually makes sense from a survival point of view, because every warm-blooded mammal produces CO2 as a waste by-product of respiration (breathing).

Using the knowledge that bedbugs are blind and dependant on blood, I have developed a method that takes advantage of those weaknesses and exploits those traits to lure them to their deaths. The “Missouri Method” CO2 Trap actually consists of two major components: a lure which constantly emits high concentrations of CO2, and a trap, or pitfall, which imprisons the bedbugs and prevents their escape as they are overwhelmed by CO2 gas in such high concentrations that they essentially asphyxiate.  The CO2 flooding out of the lure into the trap dissipates the oxygen around the trapped bedbug, thus preventing the bedbugs from normal respiration via their exoskeletons. The trapped bedbugs die a slow, agonizing death as they futility scramble about the smooth surface of the trap attempting to escape toxic levels of CO2.

The Lure:

Begin by “proofing” approximately two teaspoons, of dry- activated yeast by pouring it into a small measuring cup containing a 50/50 mix of granulated sugar and lukewarm water. Set this aside and allow the mixture a period of at least ten minutes to proof.  You will know that this is ready when you begin to see a lot of bubbles forming at the top of the mixture. This smaller “proof shot” will kick start the fermentation process when you introduce it later to the much larger lure container.  Now, get to work on your lure by preparing an empty two-liter bottle with a screw-type plastic cap. Remove the plastic bottle cap and cut a small hole into the center of the cap by using a sharp, pointed-tipped knife. Pour approximately two cups of granulated sugar into the two-liter bottle, using a funnel. Add lukewarm water until the sugar and water fill about 2/3rds of the bottle. Replace the cap, place your finger over the hole in the cap and shake the bottle vigorously for several seconds, until all of the sugar has dissolved into the water. Set that aside and take out your scissors and trash bag. Find a corner of the trash bag and use the scissors to cut out a “hood” about one foot in length. Place this circular piece of plastic to the side.

The Trap:

Select a porcelain bowl with nearly vertical sides. Place a piece of cloth or a paper towel around the bowl and then secure it to where the fabric, or paper, meets flush with the top lip of the bowl. Make certain that this seam is tight. There should be no gap between the fabric, or paper towel, and the lip of the bowl. Take care to trim any loose strings which may be dangling down into the bowl and thus providing the bedbugs an escape ladder. Coat the interior of the bowl with a dusting of either talcum powder or diatomaceous earth.

Bringing it all together:

Place the assembled lure into the trap (put the two-liter bottle, right-side up, into the center of the bowl). Remove the cap from the bottle. Place your funnel into the neck of the bottle and pour in the measuring cup containing your “proofed” yeast, sugar, water mixture. Remove the funnel from the bottle and set it aside. Replace the cap onto the bottle then hang your cut sheet of plastic down over the cap of the two-liter bottle. Remember, the purpose of the plastic “shroud” is to redirect the CO2 emitted from the top of the bottle downward into the bowl. With that in mind, allow the plastic shroud to drape loosely over the sides of the bottle, and then secure it in place with either a loose fitting rubber band or loosely tied piece of string. It is important not to fit the plastic shroud too closely to the bottle. Too snug a fit will prevent the CO2 gas from getting down into the lure where it is most lethal to the bedbugs.

End of Part 1 of the "Missouri Method":

Place your assembled bedbug lure/trap on the ground near your bed. This device should emit CO2 gas for approximately 3-4 weeks if mixed properly. The perfect harmony of yeast, water and sugar will take some time for you to perfect. When done properly, it is possible to get 5-6 weeks of continuous fermentation action. Examine the bubbles in the lure. The continued production of bubbles is a good indicator that the yeast is still fermenting the sugar, and the trap is still emitting CO2.

“The Missouri Method” Step 2- Mattress Encasement Using Dry Ice (frozen carbon-dioxide).


Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs don’t normally live in your sheets. Instead, they prefer to live in a hive-like gathering known as bedbug harborages  These are usually located within 3 meters of their host. No one is really certain why bedbugs prefer to live communally within those harborages. It is my hypothesis that bedbugs congregate within the harborages because of their extremely poor vision. I think the bedbug has adopted the hive mentality as a defensive survival strategy against predators such as birds, lizards, and other insects. Nonetheless, they like to group together, often squeezed into tight spaces with their bodies touching each other.

Although bedbugs are virtually blind, they have excellent scent receptors that enable them to “smell” CO2 from over 20 meters away. Bedbugs also use those scent receptors to locate other bedbugs by sensing pheromones excreted in feces. This is why a mattress within a bedbug infested dwelling will have the telltale dark-brown vertical stains on it, running from the box spring to the person sleeping on top of the mattress. Bedbugs create those lines as they follow each other to and from their hosts in a single-file line, marking their trail as they ascend to their host, then retreating back down to the harborage using the same route.

Weaknesses in the bedbug’s strategy:
If you were to examine a bedbug under a microscope you would see that they have sharp barbed hairs on their limbs, but especially on their forearms. Bedbugs use these stiff bristles to hook into the sides of mattresses and pull themselves up, and along your sheets. Imagine the sharp pick-axes mountain climbers use while ascending icy peaks. Mountain climbers first drive those pick-axes into the slippery ice, and then they use the leverage of the handles to haul themselves upwards. This method is very similar to how bedbugs ascend to you along your mattress and sheets while you’re sleeping. Now that we know how bedbugs climb, we can use that knowledge to deny them an ascension platform.

The idea behind the mattress encasement component of the “Missouri Method” is simple: You are going to trap the bedbugs currently living within your mattresses under a sheet of thick plastic, then you are going to introduce a pound of dry ice into that sealed mattress which will overtoxify and kill any bedbug caught within the sheeting as the dry ice melts and returns to its normal gaseous state.  

Required Materials:
One roll of Painter’s Plastic Sheeting.
One roll of Duct Tape.
One pair of safety goggles, or other suitable eye protection.
One pair of thick gloves.
Three pounds of Dry Ice (frozen CO2).
One sewing needle (the smaller the better).

First, stand your mattresses on end, and lean them against the wall. Begin wrapping each mattress in the plastic sheeting until both are completely covered. If you have only enough plastic to encase only one mattress, choose the box spring. Use duct tape to seal any seams. With both the mattress and the box spring of your bed completely encased in plastic sheeting, now examine them both closely to ensure that all of the seams are completely sealed with duct tape. You should spend at least 5 minutes during this inspection. Look carefully over every seam to ensure a thoroughly encased mattress set.
Once you are completely certain that both your mattress and box spring are properly sealed then take a razor knife and cut a small slit into the sealed plastic on both mattresses. These slits do not need to be big, just wide enough to allow you to insert the dry ice through the plastic and on top of the mattress.

SAFETY WARNING: dry ice is extremely cold, usually below -109 degrees Fahrenheit. It can harm you if not handled properly.  Prior to handling the dry ice, put on a pair of safety goggles, or other eye-protection, and wear a pair of thick gloves to cover your hands. Now, insert your dry ice through the slit, then reseal the hole using a few strips of duct tape. Take your sewing needle and poke 3-5 holes in the plastic sheeting to allow the excess CO2 to escape. There, you have it. You have just completed the second component of the “Missouri Method” of mattress encasement using CO2.

 Tips and Tricks:
I prefer to use clear plastic sheeting that is at least 4mm in thickness. The 4mm stuff is tough and thick, so it’s not easy to tear if you’re a rough sleeper. Although you can use several heavy duty lawn and leaf trash bags in a pinch, I don’t recommend it. I also prefer the clear plastic rather than the black or gray versions because I think it’s easier to spot seam gaps in the clear sheeting, not to mention the perverse thrill you will get from watching the bedbugs slowly asphyxiate from the CO2 as they try to escape. (worth every penny).
The encasement portion of the “Missouri Method” will also work for any other piece of furniture. One pound of dry ice will become about 8cu. fl. of CO2 once it sublimates (melts). The requirements specified in this method call for 3 pounds of dry ice, which costs about $5.00, and is intended for an average queen-sized mattress 54x75x8. Your experiences may vary depending on the size of your particular piece of furniture.

I hope my “Missouri Method” helps combat your bedbug problem, and if you have any questions or comments please post them to this site. Also, be sure to watch my YouTube videos to gain more tips and tricks on how to construct this device and learn other useful bedbug information.  Simply use any search engine and type in: “How poor people can fight bedbugs” and you should find my videos.

Thank you for your time. My name is Joel Z. Williams; the Poor People’s Advocate. You will recognize me by my white hat, but you will know me by my virtuous ways.


  1. I can't believe people are so opposed to reading the actual instructions, instead of watching my YouTube vids and posting questions that are answered here much more completely!

    1. Hey Joel - Greetings Sir - I subscribed to your youtube channel because it had appeared on a google search concerning Bed Bugs
      I have added you to my Google + circles as well - I aggree People are conditioned to absorb info via a force fed - zero effort medium - aka Youtube, where as Investigating a Blog or a textual website actually takes effort - need I say more - some folks are a tad "Apathetic" and dont want to work OR Pay for their info - As a Youtube Content creator - I discovered that almost as soon as I began my Channel there. .. No .. lol ... I am not about to "Plug" my channel - this BLOG is YOUR Vehicle for Info disemination - Your Ideas AND Hard Research is to be applauded AND ACTED UPON "Activly" - not just passivly absorbed like a baby fasinated with something pretty infront of them ... Saddly .. it IS what it IS ! - By visiting your blog here - I learned about the method of "Encasement WITH Dry Ice" - Totally Brilliant - CO2 is an Attractat rather than a terminator - I would personally Add a few doses of CimeXa in this deadly mix - I also LOVE the Pitfall with he bottle of fermenting sugar and Yeast - my building would probbablybe classified as Un-Inhabitable - it is very old and in less than poor condition - but the landlord is what I have come to know as a Slumlord and he would justt as soon Demo and destroy the building as a write off before he woulod ever try to repair OR maintain anything Being on "Social Assistance" (Welfare) means for me that I cant afford to live in better conditions - I dont want to risk him trashing the building and taking what he would probably consider a "Write Off" He would sensly evict us all and demo the building before he would ever consider repair of Maintananvce ! - Sad to say - Caught between a Bedbug and a Hard place ! But Joel -Thank you for Blogging and your Youtube Channel as well !!!!!

    2. Do you think an ozone generator works?? I bought one and others have discouraged me by saying it won't work!! It kills mold why wouldn't it?

  2. Thank you, I just read the full article and will be trying the lure/ trap soon.

  3. I will be making the CO2 traps today. Unfortunately my families funds are at an all-time low so I can't afford to buy the plastic and duct tape but they are on my wish-list for the near future. Thank you for all this information, I really needed to how how to do this at home.

  4. Please watch the Videos and comment there also. I only have a limited time to "check all the traps". Thanks everyone! Joel Z.

    1. Hello Joel, I have read your article and watched your you tube video for bed bug traps! I don't have financial problems so I made a gold medal pitfall lure and trap! My gosh I couldn't believe how well it worked! I purchased everything you used in your video and built the gold medal trap! Everything I purchased including items that were a bulk purchase like the rubber bands for the wrap around the shot glass! I even purchased a new shot glass just to see what the full cost to construct this trap! I spent less than $60 dollars! Including new scissors and exacto knife! I thank you for your research and willingness to help others!

  5. Joel,

    I've watched the videos and read the information you have on your site. I appreciate everything you're doing. I think there are additional things that can be done as well. If you read the website set up by the gentleman using the handle julesnoise you can see them. He has links to your videos on his site. I do think a kit would be useful for some people as you have suggested, but adding the additional information would be helpful.

    I have had some success using these ideas, but my husband is the weak link in the plan. our worst area of infestation is our living area. I have covered all of our furniture except for one recliner. My husband sleeps there in front of the t.v. and he won't let me cover it. Since he doesn't react to the bites he wasn't even sure if he was being bitten.

    Well he is and as long as he keeps feeding them they'll never leave. Any thoughts?

    1. I think you already stated the answer to your question. The Bedbugs(BB) will persist as long as there is a host. My guess is that once the BB go through all 6 stages of their molt and become fully grown, your husband will change his mind about their nuisance level. The bites really start to hurt once they get big. And his theory that BBs don't feed on him is false.

    2. Thank you for posting this information online! You are a life saver. This is the second time we've had bedbugs, and I wish I'd have seen this information the first time! We paid $500 for a professional job (using bombs)and it didn't get rid of them. I read that using isopropyl alcohol can kill them, and got rid of them two weeks later by virtue of dousing my entire house with the stuff every day during that period... We had to leave the house while it ventilated because it was too thick to breathe, but it worked. I'm really glad I learned about your bed bug trap. I'm going to buy the materials to try it out tonight!

  6. Thank your for the descriptive article. Dry Ice is a good product used for controlling bedbug. Proper technique of using dry ice is very necessary for the effectiveness. :)

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  7. watched your video on utube...and came to this site....printed out the procedure...and just want to thank you again...i am so so overwhelmed right now with this issue....and finding your method thru a google search....will help me alot

  8. Joel-Thanks for the video and written directions. I am going to get the Clorex today. I have yeast so I can easily make the trap. One question, I have a waterbed. It does have a plastic liner. But I think the bed bugs are in our furniture. An ideas about the waterbed? I will let you know if any of this helps us. My husband and I are disabled and can't afford PCO's.

  9. Thank you Debra, I am encouraged by your words!

  10. Joel,your awesome. Here is a question for you. We are having to move because of an infestation. We are doing all the things needed to remove them. We are putting all of our wood furniture and bagged dirty laundry and other items we are keeping in a storage building. How can I implement this method there. Can I make a tent in there with the dry ice. We will win this war against these vampires.

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  12. Our apartment has been heat treated twice! And now I am being bit again! The apartment manager is trying to blame us for being "so tightly packed". There are several apartment that are severally infested next to us. We need to move asap! Is thete anyway we can move eith out taking the new bunch from othet apartments?

  13. Thank you for your help Joel. You are an asset to all communities!!

  14. Yes indeed you are an asset to all communites and not just in the US. I live in the UK and there is no shortage of BBs here too. Your videos are great and it's clear they are based on solid practical experience of dealing with the critters. I am sorry to hear you have been trolled by entymologists. They should be helping you and not trying to discourage you! Good luck in all your endeavours.

  15. Thank you Primo. As you can see very few people actually make it to this site and read the instructions. i guess we live in an age where it is easier to just see it performed on a mobile phone.

    Thank you very much for your observations and kind words. That is why I do this! I agree, the bug scientists will come back around to the Missouri Method when everything else no longer works.

  16. Thanks for the information. How long does it take to get rid of the bed bugs with this procedure.

  17. Thank you! Quick question, how long do I need to keep everything enclosed to make sure those little bastards are dead?

    1. thank you for responding. I would say that a good solid two weeks of entrapment should be sufficient under most conditions. Although I don't see a downside for much longer incarceration.

  18. Just to add a story of unforeseen horror, this Is our second infestation. The first was this past December. My husband, Mike, had emergency back surgery on December 19th. Upon returning to our apartment on December 21st, I got him all nicely tucked in bed, where he was to stay for the next 2 weeks - bedridden. December 23rd, I noticed something black on the ceiling. Examined it, and didn't have a clue as to what it was. So I Googled it. Horrified, I learned that it was a bedbug. Started searching around and found more. OMG. As if emergency back surgery, at Christmas wasn't enough!?! Now I have a husband bedridden in a bed with bedbugs? Are you freaking kidding me? So I went to the manager of the apartment complex, told them and got a response I wasn't expecting. Get out. No "we'll help," or anything. They filed eviction on us THAT day! We had never been late on rent. EVER! So upset and flat out overwhelmed, my bedridden husband and I left everything, except clothing (which I cleaned and bagged) and moved into a hotel room on December 26th. We have no family here so it was just me and an uncomfortable husband. I was able to find us a little house to rent and we moved from the hotel to where we are now on January 1st with nothing but our clothes. Holidays were a complete bust and so was our bank account. But we didn't have bedbugs! Slowly over the past few months my husband has healed and we have managed to start over. Replacing items like, you know, like EVERYTHING! I know leaving everything behind was a bit extreme, but at the time, I was so upset and overwhelmed I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Bedridden husband who outweighs me by a solid 100 lbs, no family, bedbugs and it's the holidays! Well here we are and those things are back. Poor as hell. Cant afford exterminators. Fantastic. Hit the net and found you. THANK YOU for caring enough to publish this for all those who are in need.

    1. Thank you for your response. I had a much longer answer but this frickin' website deleted it. I apologize if i sound angry, but i spent about an half hour responding to your question.

  19. Joel, I have been watching your videos and just found your blog. Both of which I discovered today. I am trying the CO2 traps as we speak. I will purchase some Clorox Clean up when I get paid as I have already spent all of my money on more expensive products that didn't work! I have already enclosed both my mattress and box springs and used diatomaceous earth. This is the first time I have ever had bed bugs and I pray to GOD its the last! Thank you so much for taking the time to help those who cannot afford an exterminator.

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  21. Love you Mr. Williams where can I send my pictures and proof that this method does work, you are saving lives man. I am loving you. you should be selling this method. contact info ckiki6@gmail.com
    We have a lot to talk about,

  22. I have made 2 missouri traps with 2 liter bottles, but the bed bugs are not going in them after all my hard work to make them this labor day weekend. I even slept in our bedroom last night as I didn't notice any bed bugs in the traps. And we haven't slept in our bedroom in a long time because bed bugs. So I thought I would try as no bed bugs in traps. Man was I wrong as got bit4 Times and I killed 2 bed bugs both small one very small. So know I am in Schock over recent events with these bed bugs. I guess I could try the dry ice, but it traps didn"t work probably nothing else will! Just a note: Before tried your traps quiet a while back we in casesed box spring & matress in bed bug matters protectors & pillow protectors with brand new pillows. We also bommed our bedroom with hot shot bed bug fogger. There are no bed bugs in any other part of the house guest room or living room etc.. Also, before we did too get we did try a spray, but that didn't work either. If we got a new matters and box spring do you think that would eliminate our problem? We are clean people can't believe this has happens to us. We miss our bedroom, but bed bugs have to open over and their pest.

    1. Bed bugs can happen to ANYONE... you can get them from friends/family. All it takes is someone else who has bedbugs to bring one over and crawl on to your furniture. Then the bedbugs will lay eggs... and you have a [mess]. In my profession... I've seen the CLEANEST of houses, including more "Richy" houses even having them; point is that it is not JUST dependant on cleanliness!!! Bedbugs just want our blood... not out belongings, whether organized or "out of place." Hopefully these tips help ALL!?!

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  26. I am already trying your methods, and documenting every stage. I hope to have positive results shortly! I live in the top north quarter of a four-plex, and I have had a horrible time with mysterious bites. My fiancee isn't bothered at all, while I have exceedingly angry itchy welts. (I'm a redhead) I can't work like this!! I'll let you know how it goes.... DE didn't work, bug bombs didn't work.... I am at my wit's end!


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  28. I have 2 questions: is the mattress encasement necessary if I do the trap and lure. I think I might be at the very beginning of the problem. I've had only a couple of bites last night and a couple 3 nights ago. The bites are not as bad as a really bad case I experienced while traveling 2 months ago (maybe I brought home some eggs?). I was very careful freezing my luggage and washing everything hot, but maybe something came home with me. So it sounds like I am being bitten by younger fellows! I am assembling your trap now and will recommend it to my sister. We have already spent 100s of dollars and we need to find a better solution... I'll be in touch but have watched your videos and read the present blog. Thanks so much!

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  33. do you need to keep the c02 bed bug traps warm threw the full 3 to 4 weeks. for them to keep working

  34. Hey!! Great to know about this The "Missouri Method" of Bedbug Control. Would love to try this method for any symptoms of bed bug at my place and I was bitten by them which made the skin reddish. So found out few tips on how to treat bed bug bites and tried them. They were really helpful for me.

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  49. Thank you so much for the information Sir.I recently had majior surgery and had out of town vistors who stayed in our guess room.I sometimes nap in the above mentioned room. I found a insect that I thought was a BB. I stripped the bed and sprayed and no sighns of activity. A few weeks later I laid down on the stripped bed to watch a little football.Felt a stinging pain then a few more, turned on the light and found about 8 BB in just about 4 stages.I spayed with rubbing alcohol,DE. esential oil(lavender) and BB spray from the hard ware store,supposedly the spay kills eggs also.Encapsulated my pillows in trash bags and placed outdoors for solar thermal effect. Built the traps and did not find and other BB.I belive I found the nest on the head end of matress on the tag.I set three traps so I may of over done it for on room. Thinking I caught this early but just really neverous,I do have a little education on enotomolgy.That being said I want to break the cycle because Iknow the metamorhosis is 5 stages. Looking for a growth regulator,targeting scent trails.using DE. Vacuuming and putting down DE and spaying bag. Doing major house cleaning. Cleaning out closets , shampooing , using a cocktail solution,Esential Oil, salt,Pyrethrin and carpet shampoo. Please give me your take on my appouch. Thank you very much Sir


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    1. Hello. I have tried this and it worked for me. I used 2 quarts of water. I believe is 8 cups. First you'll put the pack of yeast in a small cup add maybe about 1 cup of warm water and 2 tablespoons of sugar. I used a regular kitchen spoon. Stir it and about 10 mins later you'll see alot of foam and bubbles. Then you'll add that into your 2 cups of sugar, 8 cups of water mix.. warm water also. I caught at least 15 and just made more last night.

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