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Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to use CimeXa desiccant powder to eradicate bedbugs for under $20

Nobody wants to talk about bedbugs. Ironically, there is still a deeply ingrained social stigma surrounding bedbug infestations despite the fact that bedbugs couldn't care less about the cleanliness of people’s homes, Many people still wrongly associate having bedbugs with general squalor and an overall lack of cleanliness. Perhaps it’s due to the bugs’ small size, reddish-brown color, and their relatively close resemblance to cockroaches. Whatever the reason for the stigma, it's totally wrong.

Nothing could be further from the concerns of a bedbug than how tidy you keep your home. Unlike cockroaches, which are able to feed on a wide variety of substances in order to obtain sustenance, bedbugs are blood-obligate insects. Put simply, bedbugs require blood from their hosts in order to survive. They cannot eat anything else.  In fact, bedbugs need a blood meal in order to graduate through each of their five, progressively larger, nymphal stages.  

The bedbug’s dependence on blood from its hosts means that they can thrive in even an immaculately cleaned hospital surgery room; just as long as there is a human somewhere nearby to feed on. The truth of the matter is that bedbug infestations have been discovered and treated in many of the world’s best five-star hotels, including the famed Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Perhaps not surprisingly, people who travel frequently are actually much more likely to encounter bedbugs than the vast majority of the general population. Despite this reality, many people who suffer from bedbugs are still too embarrassed to seek help.

A 4 ounce bottle of CimeXa sells for a little over $16 on Amazon.com
Photo: Property of Joel Z. Williams (free to use with proper attribution)

Fortunately for them, there now exists a safe, non-toxic and relatively inexpensive way for embarrassed bedbug victims to reliably eradicate most bedbug infestations without letting anyone know they have bedbugs. A company based in North Kansas City Missouri called Rockwell Labs. Ltd. is now offering a powdered desiccant called CimeXa which is revolutionary in both its design and overall ease of use in killing bedbugs.
CimeXa dust is really nothing more than very fine amorphous silica gel (ASG) which has been treated with an electrostatic charge. Without getting too technical, the fine powder works against any crawling insect by adhering to the bug’s waxy outer coating, called a cuticle. This process works much like the shock you get when you go to retrieve your clothes from the laundry dryer. The electrostatically charged CimeXa will seek to cling to any passing insect just like your socks will seek to cling to your freshly laundered shirts.

Photo: 5th stage nymphal cimex lectularius  Courtesy of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

People who study bugs are called entomologists. These scientists often refer to insects based on their physical attributes. In the scientific world, entomologists use the term “true bug” to refer to any insect with an exoskeleton, six legs, and a segmented body. Another hallmark of "true bugs" is that they also must undergo several stages of transformations in order to get from an egg, to a nymph, and finally to an adult. Bedbugs are members of this group.  One thing that all “true bugs” also have in common is the presence of an oily, razor-thin cuticle on outsides of their bodies which works to keep moisture inside the insect’s outer shell or exoskeleton. This is important to know because amorphous silica gels such as CimeXa are exceptionally good at adsorbing oils. Once coated with the CimeXa, bedbugs quickly lose their waxy outer coating and began to dehydrate. Soon afterwards, their bodies are no longer able to retain moisture and they literally begin to dry from the inside out. Laboratory and field testing of CimeXa has proven that the desiccant powder CimeXa can reliably kill most bedbugs who come into contact with it within 24 to 48 hours!

Photo: Beads of Silica Gel under magnification. Courtesy of: Henningklevjer.

The extremely fast kill rate of CimeXa, coupled with its relatively low-toxicity makes it an ideal pest-control method for non-professionals to use inside their homes. Presently, there are about 300 insecticides which have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use against bedbugs. There are only about seven of those which are authorized for use within the home. Many of those insecticides are also restricted for application only by licensed pest-control operators because of their exceptionally high levels of harmful toxins. At the time of print CimeXa powder is considered to have an acute lethal dose rate, LD50 , that is comparable to table salt. This means that CimeXa has very little toxicity to mammals. In fact, CimeXa is one of the few products designed primarily to kill bedbugs which is also EPA certified for use in children’s daycares.

All of the same information, just in a video format

The kill rate of CimeXa sets it apart from other bedbug pest control methods. Simply put, the desiccant powder dries out and kills the bedbugs so fast that they don’t have time to reproduce. This differs from many highly toxic pesticides which often take weeks before their toxic properties begin to degrade bedbug populations. A typical treatment regimen using liquid pyrethroids may require a pest control operator to come out to your home and spray weekly for 3 to 4 weeks in a row in order to thoroughly eradicate a bedbug infestation.

If left undisturbed, CimeXa can act as an effective barrier against bedbugs for up to 10 years.

Another great attribute about CimeXa is its ability to persist over many years. If left undisturbed, the CimeXa powder that you apply to your box spring mattress and other bedbug hotspots can remain effective against killing bedbugs for up to 10 years. This is an incredibly useful attribute because it means that the CimeXa is essentially “standing guard” over you and your family members even long after your immediate bedbug problem has ceased to exist. Not to mention the spiders and other crawling insects who may come in contact with the CimeXa dust. It's like having an invisible barbed-wire fence around your bed while you sleep.

Photo: Bellows dust applicator. Hand-operated, spring-loaded. Purchased March 2015 from Amazon.com for $11.90
Photo copyright: Joel Z. Williams (free to use with proper attribution)

Application of CimeXa is a breeze. This author recommends that first time “do-it-yourself” bedbug victims also purchase a hand-operated, spring-loaded powder applicator at the same time they purchase the CimeXa powder. These useful devices can be found in the garden section of just about any home improvement store or hardware retailer for less than $15. The applicator allows even the most inexperienced DIY bedbug victim to apply the CimeXa powder to all of the nooks, crannies and other crevices where bedbugs like to hide throughout the home.
For those bedbug victims with limited funds, CimeXa powder can also be applied by using a standard- sized artist’s paintbrush or even a ladies cosmetics applicator brush in a pinch.

A standard-sized artist's brush will work as a functional applicator. Approx. $4.00 on Amazon.com

Please help me to spread the word about CimeXa and how this revolutionary product can help low- income families avoid the scourge of bedbugs. As the Director of Products for Peaceful Operations, I have been helping people with limited means fight against bedbugs for over five years. During that time I have spent countless hours creating YouTube videos, calling and emailing victims, and even personally making home visits in my ongoing battle against cimex lectularius.  

Click here to learn how to apply CimeXa powder in your home

I've never seen anything kill bedbugs as fast and and as cheaply as this. I truly believe in CimeXa's effectiveness against bedbugs. I need your help to convince the manufacturer of CimeXa, Rockwell Labs, Ltd., to authorize me to pitch their products online. Please send a tweet to them @RockwellLabs to let them know that you learned about their product from me. Hopefully, with enough of your generous support Rockwell Labs will give me some of their product to give away to viewers. That way I can be more effective at putting the word out about their game changing product.

In parting, not everyone has the financial means to purchase CimeXa. If you have the means to purchase CimeXa for someone less fortunate then please contact me and I will put you in touch with a needy family. Or you can donate a few dollars through the PayPal link on this page. 

Thank you. my name is Joel Z. Williams, you will recognize me by my white hat...but you will know me by my virtuous deeds.  joelzwilliams@gmail.com